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HiKOKI Multi-Volt Angle Grinder 115mm - Bare Unit - G3612DB/J3Z - Paddle Switch - 36V

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HiKOKI G3612DA/J3Z 36V Multi-Volt Cordless Angle Grinder (Side Switch) Brushless - Bare Unit

Please note that HiKOKI have recently upgraded this product to the new G3612DVE, it has the same design albeit improved specification.

From Hitachi comes their latest products under the new HiKOKI name.

The HiKOKI G3612DA/J3Z 36V Multi-Volt Cordless Angle Grinder (Side Switch) with brushless motor technology.  The G3612DA/J3Z Angle Grinder from HiKOKI has the next generation of 36V battery power developed from user needs and HiKOKI's original technology. The motor features large FETs and highly durable electronic circuitry and also improved dust and water resistance. The maintenance-free motor has up to 50% longer runtime per charge and is compatible with all Hitachi & HiKOKI 18V & 36V batteries.

Longer Battery Life
Up to 50% increased run time per battery for more work with less downtime

Increased Durability
High tool durability via low friction motor, which produces less heat

Increased Power and Performance
Thanks to improved electrical efficiency and power transfer


  • Over-current protection
  • Smallest body & grip circumference, most lightweight in its class
  • Best in class cutting performance per charge - Up to 50% higher
  • Powerful brushless motor - Torque Up to 60% higher
  • AUTO Mode function reduces noise and vibration in no-load operation
  • Dust and water-resistant construction that remarkably increases durability
  • Electronic control - Kickback protection system, anti-restart protection and soft start
  • Side switch


  • Capacity: Wheel Dia: 115mm
  • Hole Dia: 22.23mm
  • Spindle Thread: M14 x 2
  • Voltage: 36V
  • No Load Speed: 3000 - 9500/min - AUTO mode : 5500/min
  • Overall Length: 358mm

Information from the Manufacturer - HiKOKI

Greater [1] Cutting Performance

Max Output Comparison

Model MULTI VOLT 18V Cordless
G3610DB / G3613DB G18DBBAL
Max Output 1,270W 680W

Runtime per Charge (When using the BSL36A18 battery.)

Mortar Cutting: Approx.12m [2} When cutting mortar 10mm thick with a 105mm diamond wheel.

G3612DA - Mortar Cutting Approx.12m*2

  • *1: In comparison with the G18DBBAL.
  • *2: The value varies according to the state of battery charge and other operating conditions.

Faster Cutting Speed

Handles heavy duty applications with an efficiency impossible with conventional 18V grinders.

Cutting Speed Comparison

When cutting a groove 5mm deep and 600mm long in mortar with a 105mm diamond wheel.

1.6x faster than existing models

*The value is for reference purposes. It may vary according to the workpiece material or other operating conditions.

Increased Overload Capacity

The motor is so powerful as to keep the rotation speed constant, and it is less likely to become overloaded.

Comparison of Overload Capacity

When grinding steel with a 125mm grinding wheel.

Comparison of Overload Capacity When grinding steel with a 125mm grinding wheel.

*The value is for reference purposes. It may vary according to the workpiece material or other operating conditions.

Excellent Handling

Smallest Grip Circumference in its Class*

Lightweight and compact body with a slim grip and small head offers easy handling and efficient operation.

190mm around The Motor / 146mm Grip Circumference

*As of December 2017. Among 36V cordless brushless disc grinders made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings.)

Variable Speed Control and Auto Mode Function

Variable Speed: Variable speed control allows users to change the rotation speed to between 3,000 and 9,500/min. to suit the application.

Auto Mode: The speed automatically shifts between high (9,500/min.) and low (5,500/min.) speeds depending on the load, resulting in more effective operation.

Dial Settings and No Load Speeds

Dial No Load Speed
Use Variable Speed Dial
1 3,000 Variable Speed Dial
2 4,750
3 6,500
4 8,250
5 9,500
(Auto Mode)
5,500 Light Work, Standby State
9,500 Grinding, Cutting

High Level of Safety - Brake System

Electronic brake stops the wheel in less than 2 sec after the tool is switched off. This allows users to prevent accidents and work much more efficiently.

Use only the wheel washer supplied:
No.371677 for G3613DA, G3613DB, G3612DA
No.373072 for G3610DA, G3610DB

wheel washer High Level of Safety Brake System

Extra Safety Features

Kickback Protection System / Anti-Restart Protection / Soft Start / Dust & Water-Resistant Construction

Battery Capacity 2.5Ah
Notable Features Multi
Electrical Specifications
Battery Voltage 36V
Technical Specifications
Capacity (Hole Dia.) 22.23mm
Capacity (Wheel Dia.) 115mm
No Load Speed (AUTO Mode) 5,500/min
No Load Speed (Transmission Mode) 3,000
Spindle Thread M14 x 2
Physical Specifications
Overall Length 358mm
Weight 2.8kg

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