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HiKOKI DH36DPB/JKZ 36V Multi-Volt Cordless SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Brushless (With Dust Collector) - 2 X 2.5Ah - Blown Moulded Case - Charger

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HiKOKI DH36DPB/JKZ 36V Multi-Volt Cordless SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Brushless (With Dust Collector) - 2 X 2.5Ah - Blown Moulded Case - Charger

From Hitachi comes their latest products under the new HiKOKI name.

HiKOKI DH36DPB/JKZ 36V Multi-Volt Cordless SDS-Plus Hammer Drill (With Dust Collector) with Brushless technology is part of the HiKOKI 36V Li-ion Slide-on Battery Range and is great addition to anybody's HiKOKI 36V kit, whether just starting out or looking to add to an already established tool kit.

The HiKOKI DH36DPA/JKZ MultiVolt Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Incorporates variable voltage output from the same 5Ah Battery. Meaning that the user can run their Rotary Hammer Drill on either 18V or 36V depending on its application.

With reactive force control function. Reactive force control (RFC) - When a sudden load is applied to the tip, the slip clutch is activated, or the controller built in the tool body stops the motor and alleviates the phenomenon that the tool body is swung.

Three modes can be switched depending on the application. It can be switched to "rotation" "rotation + blow" "blow" according to the application, by the large change lever next to the main body.


  • High-performance HEPA filter
  • With drilling depth adjustment function
  • Removable dust box
  • Adopted brush type sealing cap
  • Delay Stop Function - The Motor inside the Dust collector will continue to work for a few seconds after the drill is switched off to collect any remaining dust.


Drilling capabilities -

  • Concrete - 3.4 to 28mm
  • Wood - 32mm
  • Metal - 13mm
  • Corebit - 25 to 50mm
  • Diamond Core Bit - 65mm

Product Dimensions (With Battery and dust collector installed) - 493 × 314 × 90mm

Product Weight (With battery and dust collector Installed) - 5.7KG

No Load Rotational Speed - 0-1000 Per Min

Kit Contains

  • DH36DPB/J3Z - Body Only
  • UC18YSL3 - Charger
  • 2 x BSL36A18 - 36V Multi Volt Batteries
  • Blown Moulded Case    

Information from the Manufacturer


Fast Drilling Speed Equivalent to an Electric (AC) Model *1

Drills fast like an AC rotary hammer with a combination of the highly efficient brushless motor and high power output MULTI VOLT battery.

*1: When fully charged. In comparison with the DH28PCY rotary hammer. The performance depends on the workpiece material and operating conditions.

Runtime per Charge

Approx. 90 holes *2 - With the BSL36A18 battery. When drilling into concrete with a ø8.5mm x 40mm drill bit.

*2: The value is for reference purposes, and depends on the workpiece material and operating conditions.

DH36DPA - Approx. 90holes

More Lightweight and More Compact - *Same Power. Less Size.

The compact and lightweight MULTI VOLT battery enables a significant reduction in the overall size of the tools.

DH36DPA - 0.9kg lighter than existing model DH36DBL

*1: Compared to the DH36DBL cordless rotary hammer.
*2: Without the dust extractor system, the DH36DPB has the same weight and size as the DH36DPA.

Ergonomic Design

Pic.1: The grip of the handle and the drill bit head are on the same line of action, which makes applying force to drill easier.
Pic.2: The grip of the handle is close to the center of gravity for easier handling.

DH36DPA - grip handle in the ideal place for center of gravity and for maximum force

Reactive Force Control(RFC)

DH36DPA - Reactive Force Control   When the tool bit is suddenly overburdened during operation, the slip clutch works or the tool's built-in controller stops the motor's output before the entire tool jerks.

Caution - Depending on operating conditions, the Reactive Force Control function may not work or may not provide the specified performance. Make sure that the workpiece is placed and supported properly, and that the main unit is held firmly during operation.

Quick-Release Tool Retainer

allows for fast change between the SDS-plus drill bit holder and the drill chuck holder (DH36DPD).
Note : Turn the change lever to "Hammering only" mode when replacing a tool retainer with another. Use the machine only in "Rotation only" mode when the drill chuck holder installed.

DH36DPA - Quick-release tool retainer

Dust Extractor System

HEPA filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter ensures clean air exhaust.  DH36DPA - HEPA filter

Drilling Depth Adjustment up to 85mm

Max drilling depth: 85mm - Max Stroke: 100mm   DH36DPA - Drilling Depth Adjustment

Detachable Dust Box for Easy Dust Disposal

DH36DPA - Detachable Dust Box

The Brush Cap and Nozzle Seal for Minimum Dust Escape

DH36DPA - Brush Cap and Nozzle Seal

Delayed Stop Function

When the tool's switch is released, the dust extractor system's internal motor stops after a delay of several seconds so as to vacuum remaining dust particles in the internal parts.

Cross Platform Compatibility

The dust extractor system included with the DH36DPB fits on the DH36DPA, DH36DBL, and DH18DBL. The one included with the DH36DPD fits on the DH36DPC, DH36DBQL, and DH18DBQL.

Battery Capacity 2.5Ah
Notable Features Multi
Electrical Specifications
Battery Voltage 36V
Technical Specifications
Bit Shank SDS
Capacity (Concrete) 20mm
Impact Energy 3.3 Joules
Impact Rate 0
No Load Speed 0
Physical Specifications
Overall Length 493mm
Weight 5.7kg

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